#147notjustanumber: the faces of the Kenyan university massacre victims

Kenya university massacre ‘a preventable tragedy’

As a three-day period of national mourning ends in Kenya for the massacre of nearly 150 students at a university in the country’s east, a social media campaign has coalesced around the mounting outrage and grief to commemorate the individual victims.

Photos of the victims flooded Twitter under the hashtag #147notjustanumber and #theyhavenames, as family, friends, journalists and others attempted to humanise those lost, rather than have them reduced to a gruesome statistic. The death toll has since risen to 148.

The students were murdered when four gunman from the Islamist militant group al-Shabab, stormed Garissa University College last Thursday, seeking out and killing the Christian students.

Captioning many of the images are brief but intimate insights into the personalities and passions of the students.

Among them is a photo of a young woman identified as Yvonne Makori. She is described as “a friend, a sister, a daughter, a family’s only hope”. “May her soul rest in Peace!! @amoitmiriam: Yvonne Makori, a friend, a sister, a daughter, 147notjustanumber pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/iezJbh6rpD” — Zee (@ZeeNneoma) April 5, 2015 Beatrice Njeri Thinwa, 20, died in Garissa. She hoped to get a phd, loved taking pictures & “she loved Kenny Rogers” pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/QhQZIep0aq — Edith Honan (@edithhonan) April 7, 2015 Gideon Mwakulegwa, 21, died in Garissa. He loved football, to dance, to sing. “He was my bro, I’ll never replace him” pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/9z7YknfZAb — Edith Honan (@edithhonan) April 6, 2015

@edithhonan Priscilla Kathure,20 was a jovial, beautiful young lady. Met her in Jan at HELB. #RIP#GarissaAttackpic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/kokX9ApsLL — Kiogora DMK (@DMK_Kiogora) April 7, 2015

Peter Masinde,the officer who took bullets while saving students. Leaves behind a pregnant wife #147notjustanumberpic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/WixatgmYuM — Kenya West© (@KinyanBoy) April 7, 2015

Mildred Yondo, 18, died in Garissa. She excelled at theater, loved music. Charismatic outspoken. Loved to eat mangoes pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/5NMErVIsfe — Edith Honan (@edithhonan) April 7, 2015

Selpher Wandia, 21. Her dream was to be a teacher. #147notjustanumber#TheyHaveNames via @edithhonanpic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/1xYAC8C81y — Maskani Ya Taifa (@Maskani254) April 6, 2015#147notjustanumber#GarissaAttack ANGELA ‘Ka/Jojo’ KIMATA. STUDENT. You’re NOT forgotten. RIP https://t.co/Zw9ucayy8Kpic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/Rd12opBsLk — Nyakio (@GhekoLishous) April 5, 2015

Alex an only child 19.Killed under a hail of bullets. #GarissaAttack#147NotJustANumberpic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/2PcZzgRAJN — Muthoni☆ (@MsoMuthoni) April 5, 2015 Milton Namai Mukhwana, 21, died in Garissa. Loved English lit, wanted to be a lecturer, played gospel on his keyboard pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/eiVhg6Z6CH — Edith Honan (@edithhonan) April 8, 2015 R.I.P Ivy Betty Wanjiku (Shiko) 1st yr student #GarissaAttack#147NotJustANumber cc @Maskani254pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/JqBZzXrTP0 — Ian (@ianmslim) April 6, 2015 Lydia Melody Obondi #147notjustanumber#TheyHaveNamespic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/cc5PqtSST8 — Maskani Ya Taifa (@Maskani254) April 5, 2015 This is Tobias, he died in #GarissaAttack; to us he’s not a number, he’s a son, bro, friend. #147notJustANumberpic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/dUSLXnCv9V — Mr. B (@Benogola) April 5, 2015 Mary Muchiri Shee, Miss Garissa University #147notjustanumber We will name them one by one. pic.twitter苏州美甲美睫培训学校/WuUBOkBsye — Tom Vandenbosch (@TVandenbosch) April 5, 2015This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.