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Wherrol Flat Tennis Club trivia night

The current Wherrol Flat Tennis Club ‘clubhouse’. Pictured: James Kemp and Fay ProtheroWHERROL Flat Tennis Club is holding a trivia night at the Wherrol Flat Hall on Saturday April 18.

The evening starts at 6pm for a 6.30 pm dinner. The cost is $25 per person for a two course meal and children are welcome.

Funds raised through the dinner and trivia night will go toward a new shed at the tennis court, as the old one is more of a farm shelter than a ‘clubhouse’.

The tennis court at Wherrol Flat is nearing 70 years old and has a history of deterioration and rejuvenation at varying times.

Currently a social competition is being held every second Friday night and is inclusive of all ages and abilities.

The club is also keen to encourage new players to join.

Bookings for the trivia night will be helpful for catering purposes, so please contact Marelle Robinson on 6550 7386 if you are attending.

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It’s not all rosy in Branxton

THINGS are not so rosy for the owners of Branxton Newsagency, David and Susan Smith – they have experienced a 40-50 per cent drop in sales.

Susan Smith said her business had suffered a 40-50 per cent drop in sales.

Although, they acknowledge that thanks to their loyal customers they are managing to stay afloat.

But now the many miners who once travelled through town early in the morning, and late in the afternoon, are bypassing Branxton, they are calling for the main street to be improved to attract visitors.

Mrs Smith says the town has been “forgotten” for a long time andimprovements must be made.

“A lot of money has been spent on studies, surveys and reports,” she says.

“Promises have been made, butnothing has been done.

“We have food outlets but no alfresco dining options, footpaths need levelling and potholes in front of our shop need to be filled.

“We need more facilities and more services – something to get people off the freeway.”

A frustrated Mrs Smith says she would like to see the Cessnock Council apply for Resource for Regions funding to improve the town.

This type of funding is available for regions affected by mining and is how the Singleton Council has been able to upgrade their main street.

A spokesperson from Cessnock Council says they are working on a plan to guide the further development of Branxton.

“The Branxton Sub-Regional Land Use Strategy will be developed by January 2016 and will guide the future development of the Branxtonsub-region, capitalising on theopportunities offered by the Hunter Expressway and Huntlee – aiming to minimise any adverse impactsresulting from future development,” the spokesperson says.

“The aim of the strategy is to respond to future impacts and opportunities in the Branxton area initiated by the opening of the Hunter Expressway and the development of Huntlee.”

The spokesperson says it will also coordinate cross-boundary issues and provide a framework for future

planning decisions across the broader Branxton area within both Singleton and Cessnock local governmentareas.

“We have also just issued approval for Branxton Tidy Towns to complete adollar-for-dollar funded project withus.

“The scope of works includesestablishment of two outdoor dining areas plus minor landscaping.”

The establishment of an RV area at Branxton Oval has also been included in the draft 2015-2016 Operational Plan for council’s consideration.

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Changes to the championships

ON COURSE: Leading C1 contender John Crichton, Adrian Poulten and current B grade champion Steve Serong. Poulton will be trying to take Serong’s title.GOLF over the Easter weekend was disrupted by some timely and beautiful rain. No golf was played on Saturday due to the rain.

Thursday afternoon golf was well-supported.

Peter Ryan, who is showing a bit of good form coming into the club championships, was the victor on the day. Balls went to Bob Bearup, Hugh O’Neil, Steve Serong, Brian Balaam, Bob Slattery and Billy Wilcox.

A reasonably good field played a stableford event on Monday.

Bob Rickard stole the show with a good round of 39 points and Dennis O’Connell was the runner-up with 38 points.

Irene Bishop was the best of the ladies with 40 points.

Nearest the pin on the first went to Bob Rickard. Balls went to Eric Whalan, Neil Whalan and Ray Ross.

Club championships will begin next Saturday with an 18-hole stroke event.Members will play for the monthly medal and a putting competition.

This year we have made some changes to the championships, especially for the higher handicap players.

A grade will be from 0-10, B grade from 11-15, C grade from 16-19 and C1 will be 20 and up. Players on a handicap of 20 or more can still win the C grade championship, but they can play the event as a stableford competition instead of a stroke event.

Players will be seeded from the second round of the championship.

The A grade seeded players will hit off at 11am on Sunday, B grade seeded players at 11.15, C grade seeded players at 11.30 and C1 seeded players at 11.45.

All players will need to check with the club house on Saturday evening to determine their seeding. Handicaps are fairly close in each of the grades, however, the most keenly contested grade is probably B grade.

Defending champions are Kyall Ryan in A grade, Steve Serong in B grade, Terry Robinson in C grade and Don Miller in C1.

I am sure that there will be plenty of guys trying to knock them off their perch.

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Locals launch better belly bread

A NEW bread, especially designed for people sensitive to wheat, will be launched in Tuncurry next week.

Local doctor Geoff Whitehouse and dietitian Kerith Duncanson have developed a new bread designed for people sensitive to wheat.

Local doctor Geoff Whitehouse and dietitian Kerith Duncanson through the Forster based company the Good Gut Group (GGG) have developed a breakthrough dough-based technology which will be used to create ‘better belly bread.’ It is designed for people who are sensitive to wheat, experience symptoms consistent with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and may be on a low FODMAP diet.

According to its founders, the bread is a tastier and healthier option than the gluten-free products that are currently on the market.

Dr Whitehouse says after eating gluten-free bread for a number of years as part of a low FODMAP diet, he was inspired to find a better alternative.

“Basically I feel the taste and texture of gluten free products are terrible,” Dr Whitehouse said.

“I got sick of eating gluten-free bread and wanted to enjoy eating bread again. Bread was also the obvious starting point for our business as it is the thing that most people miss if they have to cut out wheat.”

The bread’s technology builds on recent research from Monash University on IBS and fermentable sugars known as FODMAPs which cause gas formation and fluid shifts in the gut.

New research shows that the majority of people sensitive to wheat or with IBS will benefit from a diet low in FODMAPs.

Up until now, however, the only way to buy wheat-like products low in FODMAPs was to convert to a gluten-free diet.

Dr Duncanson says gluten-free products are often “inferior in texture and taste” when compared to products that contain gluten.

“Gluten-free products serve a role for coeliac disease but 90 per cent of people who use gluten free will feel just as good with our products and will enjoy a vast improvement in their culinary experience,” she said.

“It will also improve people’s diet as gluten free products are usually low in fibre and have a higher glycemic index than regular foods.”

As part of the development of the product, Dr Whitehouse and Dr Duncanson employed local baker, Daniel Henderson of Butterfingers Bakery in Tuncurry to help refine their bread line.

Samples were then sent to Monash University where they were tested and verified as low in FODMAPs. They then performed a pilot study on 20 people with IBS who were following a low FODMAP diet. At the end of the study, none of the participants who had added the GGG bread into their diet reported a recurrence of symptoms.

Local baker Daniel Henderson said it will be interesting to see people’s response to the bread locally.

“I’ve made gluten-free bread in the past and it’s just tasteless so this is definitely a healthier choice of bread.”

Better Belly Bread will be available at Butterfingers Bakery from next Wednesday (April 15). For more information visit http://goodgutgroup苏州美甲美睫培训学校/

So, what are FODMAPs?

FODMAPs are a cluster of sugars found in food that can cause gut symptoms in sensitive people.

FODMAPS are an abbreviation for ‘fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharide’s and polyols.’ They are found in foods such as onions, garlic, beetroot, apples, wheat and dairy products, just to name a few.

Most of us can eat a meal loaded with these fermentable sugars and feel fine but one problem for IBS sufferers is that the nerve endings in their gut are extra-sensitive making them more likely to react with pain when gas distends their bowel.

“FODMAPs pass through the small intestine to the large bowel where they are fermented by naturally occurring bacteria. This results in the production of gas and additional fluid being drawn into the bowel,” Forster dietician Kerith Duncanson explains.

The low FODMAP diet was created by doctor Sue Sheppard in 1999. Through her research, Dr Sheppard has proven that by limiting dietary FODMAPs it is an effective treatment for people with symptoms of IBS rather than the traditionally recommended gluten free diet.

For more information about FODMAPs visit: http://梧桐夜网

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Show off your skateboarding skills at [email protected] Park

Calling keen skateboarders: An example of some of the action to be expected from [email protected] Park at Oran Park Town on April 16.Skate boarders, BMX and scooter fans who want to show their skills and learn some new ones will have the opportunity next Thursday, April 16, when the crew from Big Air School visits Oran Park.

Big Air School will bring a team of action sports athletes who will put on demonstrations, run workshops and hold mini competitions.

[email protected] Park will turn the Oran Park Town sales office car park into a skate park between 11am and 3pm.

Entry to the event is free, although anyone under the age of 18 who wants to participate will need to have a waiver signed by their parents.

[email protected] Park is supported by Camden Council and National Youth Week.

Details: Josephine Roccisano on 0400743779.

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