Letters to the editor, April 9

Yet again another car has gone off at the same place in the same road conditions south of Kerrisons Lane on Tathra Rd.

What is the BVSC doing to fix this problem?

When is the road going to be resurfaced?

When is a guardrail going to be installed?

I travel this road daily as do many others and were sickened yesterday when arriving at the corner to the view of all the emergency services.

It could easily have been any one of us.

How long do we have to wait for this dangerous corner to be fixed?

In the meantime could all road users traversing the Tathra-Bega Rd please be careful.

Alison Anderson


The trees in Gipps St car park provided shade on a hot day and were appealing to the eye.

They were also healthy and in good condition.

Council, I understand, is committed to considering any significant amenity or aesthetic value, and the condition, maturity and safe useful life expectancy of the trees in its care when deciding on their fate.

Significant amenity?

Who wouldn’t prefer to park in the cool shade of a tree on a hot day.

Aesthetic value?

Put your hand up if you think the Gipps St car park looked more beautiful before the trees were reduced to stumps.

Safe useful life expectancy?

Council could at least have waited until there was an approved plan and a date for the commencement of works.

That way the amenity of shady parking places would not have been prematurely snatched away.

We are told the trees were removed to allow for the upgrade.

How they hindered anything at this stage is not clear, nor is it clear how council’s promise of six appropriate new trees will be any less of a hindrance to squeezing an extra 37 car parks onto the site.

Doesn’t sound like there’ll be much room for those six appropriate trees.

I’ll be interested to view the successful tenderer’s solution, and in 10 or 15 years there’s just a chance I’ll be able to squeeze my car in under the shade of an appropriate tree.

Greg Wightman


Regarding the Littleton Gardens’ next stage…what a shame.

We now have to keep the car parking.

How will we cope with the extra room?!

Also it’s good to see real bitumen on our streets at last.

Thank god the sprayer is broken?

At least real bitumen stays where it’s meant to.

What is wrong with the Bega Valley Shire councillors?

Don’t they realise tourists want to see historic and heritage buildings, to tour around the area and to enjoy being here?

No way, pull them all down and build new ones – that will keep the tourists coming.

Cheryl Mathisen


The proposed walking track on the Tathra Headland seems to me to be a wonderful idea!

I have lived in Tathra for 19 years and during that time I have really enjoyed the walking tracks through the forest reserve and the Kangarutha track, the cliff top walk and the shared track to the river.

If the proposed headland walking track goes ahead it would be another valuable asset for our community and visitors and it would provide a link to complete an off road track all the way from Bournda to the river at Mogareeka taking in the Tathra Wharf.

It is in a prime position for getting wonderful ocean views to spot whales during their migration south and to provide improved access to the wharf.

I walk there quite often, but always have to watch where I put my feet as the surface there now is very uneven.

So, I think a formalised path would be excellent.

Carla Gray


To whom it may concern.

If anyone is interested, one of Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall’s favourite comedians is called Tig Notaro.

Adam Otton


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