Vandals offered lifeline

Gavin Turner in front of some of the graffiti.A JOBS lifeline has been offered to graffiti vandals.

Resident Gavin Turner made the gesture after spotting graffiti complaining about lack of work at Nyrstar smelter.

The graffiti was scrawled in huge letters on the overpass near Solomontown Primary School, justup the road from where Mr Turner lives.

He owns four rental properties and is “struggling to find people to weed or do some painting” at the sites.

“If they contact The Recorder, I can give them a job.

“It might just be shovelling weeds.”

Mr Turner suggested the jobless could also approach farms which were struggling to find people to put up fences or drive tractors.

He said that the vandalism was unnecessary and just detracted from the town.

The largest scrawl read, “Nyrstar hates ore children. How is high lead our fault?”, with smaller pieces under the bridge reading “Nyrstar – where are our jobs?”, “High lead levels are you fault … you breathe too much” and “Transforming employed to unemployed”.

Mr Turner was dismayed at the negativity towards the city’s biggest employer.

“Just look at it. Pirie seems to cop enough with the smelters,” he said.

“We would be a ghost town without the smelter. They think there’s no jobs now, imagine if they left! There are jobs around if they want them.

“It is just a gutless act, in my opinion.

“I know we have all been guilty of doing bad things as kids, but I have never done graffiti.”

The graffiti has since been removed.

Source: Port PirieRecorder